Ever since I was younger, I always have noticed something odd about my labia. I became sexually active at a young age, but no one has ever commented on them before. When I turned 18, I decided to get a piercing down there to help distract from my labia, which I love (it’s great sexually, too), but I still get self conscious about my labia when getting intimate with a guy. Any advice?

The starting point would be to get comfortable with yourself and your body – once you have overcome that hurdle and have come to embrace your uniqueness, it will be easy to open up to the right guy. And by the right guy, I mean someone mature, caring and accepting of you as you are.


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Hello! I have always been self conscious about my body. I do not like very much my breasts and I think I had strange labia, and now looking at your blog, I know that vulvas come in different shapes and colors. I would like to feel more confident.  What do you think of mine? 42 yo

Labia and vulvas do indeed come in all shapes and colors, and yours are yet another example of the diversity that is out there (not to mention being absolutely normal and beautiful like all the labia featured on this site)!


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My Lips23 year old from Newfoundland – here are my lips :)

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Embarrassed of my Labia

embarassed of my labia

Here are my labia. I have been embarrassed of my labia for as long as I can remember. They are uneven and there is an extra “fold” on the top right. I feel self-conscious on the beach as my labia are visible through my bikini and I hate feeling like everyone can see everything. I hope that one day I can learn to love my labia.

You have probably already predicted that my response to your message and and pictures will be that you are normal and beautiful. You are. Your vulva is absolutely normal and gorgeous, and is not unlike millions of women in the world. If you are uncomfortable about their visibility in a bikini, try wearing boardshorts over them – not for any reason other than your own comfort...

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I’m 32 years old from France. Excuse my bad English as I am not a first language speaker. I have never had any negative thought about my labia until a man who I was intimate with commented on it when I was 27 – he said that it looked like I had a loose vagina and his words have stayed with me until today. I am not comfortable to be naked in front of my current boyfriend as I feel that he might not like what he sees down there. I do not yet have the courage to submit a picture to your website but I hope to do so one day soon.

The comment that was made when you were 27 was ignorant and absolutely insensitive. It sounds like you have normal labia which are of the larger variety, and as you will see from this site, normal is beautiful...

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Wall of Vagina shows Diversity of Labia Types

The great wall of vagina (the name is clearly a humorous play on the Great wall of China) is an artistic project in which plaster casts were made of actual vaginas of women who volunteered to participate in the project. The finished product clearly demonstrates the amazing diversity of labia types, shapes and sizes among different women, and the fact that there is no single “normal” or “standard” vagina or labia – all are unique and different just like our fingerprints, and each one is absolutely beautiful in its own way.

We definitely need more inspirational celebrations of diversity and normality, and hopefully this website will play its part in spreading awareness of that diversity.

Diversity of Labia

Does yours looks like any in the picture, or is it a further example of the amazing diversity that exist...

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my labiaI am 24 years old from Canada. Ever since I was 13, I thought something was wrong with my labia – my inner lips stick out from the outer ones. I saw other girls changing in the locker rooms at school and most of them had pretty lips that were tucked in. My first sexual experience at 17 was very stressful because I was sure the guy would notice that there was something wrong with me and not go through with it. He didn’t mention anything and we did the deed, but I still felt very uncomfortable and I kept thinking that he must be grossed out by the size of my lips. With the help of the internet, I now know that women come in all shapes and sizes, but I still can’t help but feel grossed out when I see my vagina in the mirror.

Your lips are normal and beautiful...

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Disturbing Labiaplasty Video

I just came across this disturbing labiaplasty video and I was shocked at the manner in which the woman was treated by the doctors – instead of reassuring her that she was normal and beautiful, the doctor seemed repulsed and immediately referred her to a plastic surgeon.

The woman did not seem to have any physical discomfort, and simply needed reassurance that her nether regions were normal and attractive. They looked beautiful to me before the surgery – especially for a woman her age. Sure there was some extra skin there but she was concerned if she was normal, that’s all. It seems that the medical community sees womens’ insecurities as a way of making money at every possible chance…

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I have been sexually active since I was 15, and I am now 22. I don’t have any issues regarding sex but I do have issues with my body.

My inner lips (labia minora) are larger than my outer lips and stick out about 2cm.

They create a bulge when I wear a swimsuit, and I have thought on many occasions about having them reduced.

My boyfriend says he finds my nether regions attractive, but that doesn’t change my perceptions of myself. He can’t understand my desire to have them reduced and says that it will be unnatural to do so.

Could the size be related to the fact that I became sexually from a young age?

- Embarassed

Hi Embarassed

There are all varieties of labia sizes among different women, and all of them are normal and beautiful.

Women with large labia have generally inherited them through...

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